Chicago MedSpa Skin Care, YOU’RE GONNA LOVE IT!

Chicago Med Spa skin treatments  include:

Facial Analysis with each first Facial Service

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Customized Facials for your specific needs
  • Photo-rejuvenation, Facial Peels
  • Teen and Tween Skin Care
  • Men’s Grooming Facial
  • Laser Skin Care: Pre-treatment consultations are recommended to determine the best solution for individual skin problems. For the most significant results, a series of four to six treatments at 3-to-5 week intervals may be recommended, with personalized skin care instructions to keep your complexion looking its best.
  • Back Treatments
  • Treatment of sun spots
  • Pigmented Lesions
  • Rosacea
  • 30 min Weekend Laser Facial
  • Removal of Skin Tags




We also provide clinical skin care treatment which are corrective procedures that are not meant to be pampering.  A specialized plan will be created and you’d be followed closely by our Esthetician as well as our Physician or Physician Assistant.







AT CHICAGO MEDSPA & CLINIC, our goal is to leave you and your skin feeling cleansed, treated, and revitalized.  We offer a variety of skin care facials to address the needs of each of our clients.  Our knowledgeable estheticians will discuss your concerns and design a personalized facial  regimen just for you.  CHICAGO MEDSPA & CLINIC facials are an extremely relaxing experience with proven benefits to your skin and overall wellness.  Our facials target anti aging, acne improvement, skin brightening, hyperpigmentation, prevention, maintenance, and much more!

Each of our luxurious facials includes: skin analysis, cleansing, toning, steam, exfoliation, extractions (always optional), healing head, neck and shoulder massage, mask, moisturizer, and eye cream.  Each session is followed by a 30 SPF application and our recommendation for your skincare therapy.   It is very important that you wear your SPF 30+ block.  We do have quality sunblock for purchase-just ask!


Signature Facial ( 70 min) (all skin types)

It’s your time now.  Ideal for total pampering and attention just for you and your skin. In addition to your rejuvenating facial, you’ll enjoy our specialized eye and lip hydration treatment along with a customized serum application with ultrasonic technology, home care regimen and product recommendation.  $125

 Acne Relief Facial (60 min) (acne prone skin)

Our acne facial is recommended for inflamed acne breakouts and congestion.  Our goal is to provide a deep cleansing and exfoliation to reduce clogged pores and inflammation that cause those
blemishes.  We know acne results are best maximized with great at- home- care so your esthetician will work very closely with you to ensure a proper skin care regimen and appropriate product recommendation.  $90

Acne prone skin is best treated with a series of facials in order to calm any current breakout and minimize future flare-ups.  It is not unusual for your esthetician to recommend monthly treatments.


Don’t be So Sensitive! Facial (60 min) (sensitive skin types)

A carefully designed facial to treat guys and gals with sensitive skin types.  This facial addresses micro-circulation problems such as rosacea and facial redness while maintaining moisture and balance to the skin.  During your facial, your esthetician will integrate the healing properties of natural aloe, chamomile and a calming mask application.  Because sensitive skin is often aggravated by environment and even the food we eat, you will receive a brief review of the triggers to avoid.  $90

Brightening Facial (60min) (all skin types)

Recommended for uneven skin tones due to maturing skin or hyper pigmentation.  Our facial utilizes natural brighteners allowing for enhanced absorption of brightening mask and brightening serum.  You’ll receive great results without the
harsh ingredients.  Your skin will look radiant and luminous.  (a great choice just before a special occasion.)  $90

Gentlemen’s Facial (60 min) (all skin types)

For all men who want to look and feel good. You will enjoy a deep pore cleansing that helps with blackheads, blemishes, ingrown facial hair, dry skin and fine lines.  Facial will include infusion and pH balancing of the skin with nutrients.  Before you leave, your esthetician will help you with a home care regimen and product recommendation.  $80

SKINCARE 101 W/ Facial (45 min) (all skin types)

Perfect for tween, teens and early 20 something’s. It is never too early to start taking care of your face and begin prevention!  The facial is an excellent start to treating current eruptions, dilated pores, scars and subcutaneous blackheads.  Your session will address skin care do’s and don’ts and review the importance of diet, lifestyle, daytime and nighttime hygiene.  $60

Aromatherapy Facial (30 min) (all skin types)

Life doesn’t always allow for the pampering we deserve, so this is a facial for the person on-the-go.  You’ll receive maximum relaxation and excellent revitalizing glow without the pressure of time.  Your esthetician will perform a thorough
cleanse, apply a mask selected just for you, finish with moisturizer and SPF application.   $45

Hydrate Me Facial (60min) (all skin types)

Your body is made up of 70% water and the skin is the body’s largest organ-Imagine the care it needs!  We lose hydration daily due to environment, excessive sweating, lifestyles, diet and aging.  Our deep hydration facial will restore
moisture balance of the skin, soften fine lines, delay signs of skin aging and protect.   This facial will include deep hydrating mask and hydrating serum moisturizer and before you leave your esthetician will discuss your at home regimen and product recommendation.  $70

We’ve Got Your Back Treatment (60 min)(all skin types-especially acne prone)

Great for both men and women with specific concerns and those preparing for an up-coming special event.  The esthetician will do a deep cleanse, thorough exfoliation with steam, follow with extractions (always optional) and add a customized mask carefully selected to address any specific skin needs.  You will leave feeling invigorated.  $90

Chicago MedSpa uses a, non-crystal diamond tip microdermabrasion machine, the finest and most modern medical microdermabrasion system available in Chicago. The

treatment is gentler and the result is more dramatic than aluminum oxide microdermabrasion systems. Microdermabrasion uses gentle abrasion and suction to painlessly remove the outer layer of dull, dead skin. The underlying epidermis immediately looks and feels smoother, clearer and more radiant. Safe and effective for most skin types and tones, microdermabrasion also helps to improve some forms of acne, oily skin, blackheads and whiteheads.  Microdermabrasion may be performed to decrease the appearance of superficial hyperpigmentation, photo-damage, diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and shallow acne scars. Additionally, removing the dead skin will aid in the penetration of skin care products by up to 50% and make-up will go on much more smoothly.  We recommend microderm to be used in conjunction with a peel or IPL photofacial.  There is no downtime and you can return to daily activities immediately.  (Note: if an aggressive peel is added, this may require downtime.  At Chicago MedSpa & Clinic, our microderm treatments will consist of consultation (for our first time clients), in-depth skin analysis with each visit, cleansing, 1 to 3 passes with microderm system, customized mask, moisturizer and SPF 30 application. (If a peel is added, it will be applied after microderm).

Microdermabrasion is most effective in a series of 6 treatments each about 2-4 weeks apart.   Regular maintenance treatments spaced about 3-4 months apart should be expected to keep up with maximum benefits improvements.   

Microdermabrasion Treatment (30 min) (all skin types except inflamed acne)                               

 You will notice the difference.  Enjoy the smoothness of your own skin!  $80  Ultrasonic serum application, please add $30

Microdermabrasion Ultra Facial (50min) (all skin types except inflamed acne)
In addition to your microdermabrasion, we will add a carefully selected peel and application of a customized serum for a perfect compliment and superior results!  This is an excellent trio of service and products that work together to give you total skin rejuvenation.


CHEMICAL PEELS                         
Chemical peels remove damaged outer layers of skin on the face to smooth texture, reduce scarring, and remove blemishes giving healthy, glowing skin. Peel are produced n various strengths: mild, medium and strong.  Downtime may be required depending on the strength of the peel.  Our estheticians will tailor the selections to each patient and his/her needs and assist you to plan accordingly.  Peels can be combined with other procedures and are mostly commonly used after a Microdermabrasion.  All peel sessions require time to cleanse the skin, analyze, apply peel, serum, moisturizer and SPF.   For optimal results it is best to prepare the skin prior to your appointment.  Our estheticians can tell you exactly how to do the Pre-Peel Steps.     

Mild to medium peels are recommended in a series of 6 treatments spaced approximately 2-3 weeks apart and then continued one time every 5 to 6 weeks
for maintenance. 

Lactic peel (30min) (all skin types especially sensitive)                                                          

Targeted for brightening and lighting while increasing moisture retention. This professional peel will help hydrate and exfoliate environmentally damaged and aging skin. This treatment will help stimulate collagen and elastin production for thicker, firmer and tighter skin.  $70

Glycolic peel (30 min) (dry or sensitive skin types)                                                                 
Our estheticians choose this great peel to reduce those subtle signs of again.  Glycolic acid reacts with the upper layer of the epidermis, weakening the binding properties of the lipids that hold the dead skin cells together. This allows the top layers of the facial skin to be exfoliated, exposing live skin cells and producing a radiant glow.  $70

MEDICAL GRADE PEELS                                                                                                        

Our peels are moderately high to aggressive treatments you can only find in a
Medical Spa or Doctor’s Office.  The peels are extremely effective but require a brief recovery period.  You will have down time and should prepare accordingly.  Your esthetician will discuss the procedure and the appropriate pre and post care.  In order to achieve the greatest benefits, it is essential to follow the appropriate care including daily

Triplex PeelGreat for acne prone, oily skin types; can also treat actinic keratosis, fine lines and uneven tone.  $160
AlphaBeta Peel:   Perfect blend of Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic Acids to produce an effective treatment.  Targets surface textures, appearance of uneven skin tones and acne prone.  $160

 Additional services:

These services can be added to any spa service upon request, please let the receptionist know at time of scheduling  and allow for extra time.

Hand/ Foot scrub …….$10 each

Paraffin Wax
(great after a microdermabrasion of the hand treatment…..add $25)

Please Feel Free To Ask About Any Services You Do Not See Listed




I started coming to the Chicago Med Spa in Logan Square about mid-summer this year for issues with acne. I’ve had acne since puberty and after taking Accutane late in high school, my acne came back right about when I graduated college. The first time I visited the spa, I was given a consultation where we discussed my skin issues and a plan was charted for how we would correct them. I started off with 2 facial treatments a month, with Blanca, to help get rid of my acne. I now have much better control of my acne and my skin is starting to look so much better. I have moved to monthly treatments where we are now focused on getting rid of the last remaining acne and the scarring left behind by previous acne. The treatments are always very relaxing, and Blanca makes you feel like a million bucks!



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