Chicago Naprapathy and Massage Therapy

What is Naprapathy? Naprapathic medicine utilizes manual  manipulation, modern modalities (ultrasound and electrical stimulation), and nutritional counseling to treat connective disorders. Doctors of Naprapathic Medicine – a Naprapath – put to use their years of study of neuromyology (the study of nerve and muscle), as well as their knowledge of physiology, kinesiology, and nutrition to enhance […]

Wow Your Brows and Lashes!

Wow Your Brows And Lashes With Chicago MedSpa!   Introducing Full Brow and Lash Service. Brow Waxing, Tweezing, Shaping and Tinting and Now…. XTREME LASHES eyelash extensions!   CHICAGO MEDSPA  INTRODUCING … … XTREME  LASHES!!              ME-WOW!         LONGER LASHES…WHAAAT?! Xtreme Lashes™ are single strands of synthetic eyelashes.  Each strand is engineered to follow the same […]

Chicago MedSpa Skin Care, YOU’RE GONNA LOVE IT!

Chicago Med Spa skin treatments  include: Facial Analysis with each first Facial Service Microdermabrasion Customized Facials for your specific needs Photo-rejuvenation, Facial Peels Teen and Tween Skin Care Men’s Grooming Facial Laser Skin Care: Pre-treatment consultations are recommended to determine the best solution for individual skin problems. For the most significant results, a series of four to six […]

Chicago MedSpa Botox Dysport Treatment For Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Chicago Botox or Dysport treatments are done in our Logan Square office. Why Use Botox or Dysport ( Botulinum Toxin type A)? Botulinum Toxin  is a material used for medical purposes for more than 50 years. In 2002 it was approved by the FDA for improving frown lines and has been successfully used in millions of patients. Botox or Dysport can […]

Chicago MedSpa & Clinic Laser Hair Removal

Chicago MedSpa Laser Hair Removal, Are you still shaving? Traditional hair removal routines can be tedious, painful and expensive over time. Shaving may last a day, waxing a couple of weeks, but none of them can give you permanent hair reduction. To eliminate hair, the laser emits gentile pulses of energy that pass through the skin […]

Women’s Health

Chicago MedSpa Women’s Health screenings is our specialty. It is important for women to be healthy as they play a very vital role in maintaining the health of their family. The key to prevention is annual screenings. To help promote preventative health care for women Chicago MedSpa will perform  Pap smear & clinical breast exam Blood test with Complete […]

Vein Treatment

Chicago MedSpa & Clinic offers various types of vein treatment in Chicago. If you have spider veins or varicose veins we can help find the right solution here. Leg and facial veins are bothersome and unattractive. These red, blue or purple leg and facial veins can be the result of sun exposure, use of oral contraceptives, hormone therapy, age […]

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